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Chapter History

Sleeping Ute Mountain Chapter received its charter from the National Society on March 24, 1984. The name chosen honors the legendary landmark situated near the Four Corners, Sleeping Ute Mountain. The outline of the mountain against the skyline suggests a Ute Chief in repose, with headdress resting on the foothills of the northwestern portion of the range and the pointed toes in the southeast. The arms are crossed over the chest.

The legend of the Sleeping Ute tells us he was a great warrior god who came to fight the “Evil Ones.” In the conflict, their feet pounded the earth into mountains and valleys. The great warrior god was wounded, and lay down to rest, falling into a deep sleep. Legend tells us that one day the great warrior god will rise again to fight the “Evil Ones.”

Members of the proposed chapter contacted Ernest House, Tribal Chairman of the Ute Mountain Tribal Council, requesting use of the name. The request was granted with Tribal Chairman House saying in his letter of consent, “As a tribal leader, I can only hope the principles and goals of your organization complement our tribal goals of Indian self-determination, equal opportunity, and justice for all Americans.”